Saturday, August 1, 2009

Recent Articles I love

Good tips of nutrition and good habits for sanity's sake.
How To Save You From Yourself | Marc and Angel Hack Life

Hrm, interesting. Can you pick up those Starbucks cards without actually loading them? I know you can do that at Subway and use them to earn points with each purchase, but I don't know how it works with Starbucks.
Saving at Starbucks: Gourmet Coffee Just Got More Affordable | Wise Bread

I love all of these things! I do find that doing some housework, getting things organized, or making lists does help, even if it seems mundane at first look.
15 Low Cost Ways to Beat Stress | Wise Bread

Hrm, interesting. Interesting indeed.
Three Effective Ways to Enhance Your Willpower

I approve of this message. I'm guilty of checking many email inboxes, but Digsby centralizes them all for when I don't have much time.
17 Things you Should Stop Doing : Productivity501

I am really loving this idea. The article is a little long-winded, but you can skip the personal examples and go right for the "meat" if you're impatient.
The Big Question: Are You Better Than Yesterday?

I approve of this advice. I will even take and apply it!
To Get What You Want, Don't Go With Your Gut - Peter Bregman -

Just in time for summer, an easy recipe for making your very own Drumstick style ice cream cones - also known in some parts as Cornettos!

Ha, this is so interesting! I do fidget a lot, and I always wondered if it was burning extra calories. That's awesome.
Use NEAT Activities to Burn More Calories - Health - Lifehacker

Hrm, I'm wondering what you all think of this advice, or how you work your own resumes.
Avoid These Phrases to Keep Your Resume Relevant - Job search - Lifehacker

People are really creative with cardboard!
Create an iPhone Document Scanner from Cardboard - iPhone - Lifehacker

This is really flippin' nifty, and a really cool idea for a really cool small gift for a dude if you're strapped for cash and they need a new wallet... well, that's pretty narrow, but you know what I mean!
Use Cardboard To Make A Billfold or Wallet!