Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Free stuff! Vacations, Christmas Music, Coupon Book, and Wholly Guacamole

Register for $4 off (1) Box of Wholly Guacamole. This isn't TECHNICALLY a freebie, but I know that some are 3.99 or at least under $5, so it will be free to nearly free. I love this stuff!

Watch a video at Rite Aid Video Values to earn a voucher for a coupon book worth up to $100 (this means you get coupons that add up to $100 value all for different products). Pick that up next time you go into Rite Aid to shop (immunization locations only). While you're at the Video Values site, check for coupons for other items you may be able to use!

Here are some very interesting ideas on traveling for FREE or cheap. They are a bit unorthodox, but also really cool! Check it out.

Finally, I know this is a bit early for Christmas, but bloggers have started posting about Christmas freebies. I LOVE Christmas music, so I thought I'd share this one. FREE Christmas music downloads from Amazon. My personal favorite is the VeggieTales one.