Monday, November 23, 2009

10 Things I Think I Need to be Truly Happy

I once in a while look at this thing called the "Imagination Prompt" and it yields some interesting food for thought. This is what came up today.

10 Things I Think I Need to be Truly Happy (not really in any particular order):

1. Enough money to get by and enjoy life - I'm not talking about excessive cash here, just enough to pay my bills, purchase some really nice groceries and ingredients for recipes, some to save every month for emergencies, and some (like a couple hundred) for entertainment. That is all.

2. Immediate family - although sometimes I want to strangle them, life would be pretty empty without them.

3. Extended family - I really love large family gatherings.

4. Friends - The best and closest all the way down to the acquaintances and those who live far away. We connect on Facebook, and lots of people give me lots of great advice, and I can help people also with advice and encouragement.

5. Reading material - sometimes I'll read almost anything to get my fix. I do love words on paper (or the computer screen).

6. Basic clothing - I think I'd miss it if I had to go without it. I'd be pretty cold a lot of the time at any rate.

7. Health - anyone who has been in ill health can attest that it can really ruin your shit.

8. Food and Drink - I love it and I also need it to live, so win-win, right?

9. Shelter - even if it was just a car to live in. Or a sturdy crate. I could make do. I'm creative. I just don't like the elements. Seriously. Wind pisses me off the most, probably followed by rain. Or maybe equally. I'd have to give that more thought.

10. Errrrr, having trouble thinking of a #10. Nope, I got nothin'. So what would YOUR list look like?