Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A tank for all seasons

I love tanks tops. Plain ones most of all.

Do you know WHY I love tank tops?

Because I REALLY get my money's worth!

I can wear a plain tank top all year round. Yes, most people use tank tops for layering, and I do too, but you know what else I do?

Since I refuse to wear bras (shocking, yes), I use them as undershirts! That not only means that I don't purchase bras ($$ anyone?), but it means I can wear thin weight shirts throughout the winter as well.

I use tank tops as such:
- Layering under lighter weight shirts during colder seasons
- as undershirts (bra substitute)
- underneath a blazer or cardigan for the colder months
- just as a tank top in the summer

I've recently discovered (last couple of years) how important PLAIN pieces are in the wardrobe. SO versatile!

Another thing I have that I REALLY love is this lightweight blazer I got umpteen years ago. Plain black, comes to about my upper thigh/mid-butt (?) area. I can wear it with almost ANYTHING - love it!

I have this terrible habit of HATING to try on clothes, so a lot of times it's hit or miss when I purchase something. I missed on one of the shirts I bought this weekend, and I'm ready to trash it. I could almost kick myself for not sticking to my rule of PLAIN, GOD DAMMIT! The shirt itself isn't too bad, but the sleeves are ridiculous. Like you'd have to be anorexic for the darn things not to rub a rash into your underarms. You probably know the kind of sleeve I'm talking about - shorter than a short sleeve, but longer than a sleeveless.

Abysmal, I tell you. I'm ready to chuck it in the damn trash. I don't care about the $6 I spent on it!

On the flip side, I bought a plain $1 blue tee by Abercrombie that I just put on with a yellow tank under it (being a bit cooler today and being that I'm at work), and it's really soft and comfortable. So, I'm chalking the $6 mistake up to the fact that I would have spent the extra $6 on this t-shirt.

Me talking about fashion? You probably never would have thunk it! You know what, neither would I - I'm going to stop now ;)