Thursday, July 23, 2009

Consolidated Articles and Pantry Update

I haven't been posting recently, and instead have been putting things on my Facebook page, but I figured it was time to consolidate here. Not only for the benefit of the no one reading this, but for my benefit when I want to go back and reference later.

First, an update on my pantry challenge:
Due to some sales and BBQs in the past few weeks, we have added a few more things to our pantry, but we have been doing REALLY great eating meals from what we have! I actually used some of the things that have been sitting in my freezer for ... forever... and feeding my family in a healthful and frugal way always makes me feel great!

Here are a few articles and links that I've posted over the past couple of weeks on my Facebook that you may or may not have seen:

How To Get A Job By Thinking Outside Of The Box
Yes Yes, another employment article. I just really love these, though, and find it useful to stir up ideas about job hunting.
I really dig a lot of the products in this article!

Hungry Girl "Egg Mug" Meals
I AM a big fan of the egg mug - been doin' it for years!

This is a great article. Read and absorb! Indeed, the job I have had for 8+ years now started out as a temp job.

Hungry Girl posts a couple of awesome snack ideas!
I really like #2 and #3 snack/meal ideas!

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