Tuesday, May 18, 2010

About couponing, and REALLY COOL Lowe's "Build and Grow" clinic 5/22

Short one today - been out all day but wanted to post up these two things.

I read this one at like 4:30AM and still think it's valuable enough to share. It regards how couponing REALLY works and busts the myths associated with it. It's a good read. You don't have to get crazy with coupons for them to still help you save money.


Lowe's has a REALLY COOL "Build and Grow" clinic this Saturday, 5/22, for kids 1st to 5th grades where they can BUILD A CATAPULT! That's pretty awesome. Also, FREE. If Bobby is going to be here, I'm going to sign him up. Pre-registration required. Go here to register.

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