Friday, May 21, 2010

Mystery Shopping Info (+ Merchandising)

My son's father asked me today for this information on Mystery Shopping, so I figured it was time for me to finally compile a good list of links and info!

General Tips:
- NEVER give money to a mystery shopping company! Those are scams!
- It is OK to give your SSN to a mystery shopping company, as long as the connection is secure (check the bottom of your browser for a lock icon). They need it for tax purposes since you are technically an independent contractor.
- NEVER reveal what companies shop which chains to a public audience. This is grounds for banning from working as a mystery shopper, as it is against most of the companies' rules.
- Purchase and return shops usually suck and I don't take them.
- Purchase with reimbursement shops are cool if you actually want the product and the assignment/report isn't extremely labor-intensive.
- Judge the value you get from the shop on the time investment you have to put in vs what you get out of it (monetary value or a good meal, etc). You could drive yourself crazy trying to do every shop you can get.

If you're interested in merchandising (usually like $10/hour(ish) for stocking/setting shelves in various locations as a contractor), check out, which is a comprehensive listing of merchandising companies. Great way to make money while you're out of work (or if you want work on the side).

Check this out to prepare yourself for merchandising (NARMS Merchandiser Training):

Here is a list of companies I am signed up with/have shopped in the past:


Kern Scheduling:
posts and schedules for Kinesis shops (sign up for both)

Corporate Research International
lots of different types including, gas, retail, and pizza

Mystery Guest:

Amusement Advantage:
kind of self-explanatory ;) Amusement stuff

Beyond Hello:
sunglasses, travel centers, optical

travel centers, convenience stores, oil changes, car dealerships, automotive


Focus On Service:

Ritter Associates
Gas, Storage

Haircuts, Wireless, music store

aTH Power

National Shopping Service (NSS)
Quick-serve food service, Retail

quick-serve food service

Market Force
quick-serve food service

Also, check out this comprehensive list of shopping information, job listings, and companies (pay attention to geographical area). This includes all of what I have listed + many others, it just depends on what you're interested in:

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