Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why I am giving up modeling

I've been struggling with this decision for some time now, but I have come to the conclusion that discontinuing modeling is for the best at this point in my life. There are several factors influencing this decision:

  • I've always liked getting the extra money, but it has never been reliable enough of an income for me to miss it that much. This is a difficult thing for me to let go of if you know how I feel about money!
  • I dislike committing my evenings and/or weekends, and would rather spend them with my family and/or in other pursuits, such as volunteering, attending HSA/PTA meetings, becoming more active (possibly purchasing a bike), and simple RELAXING!
  • It's hard on my feet and knees (mostly referring to art modeling). Standing or sitting in one position for long periods of time causes a lot of strain on my body, and I'm concerned about the long term effects.
  • For photographic modeling, I'm getting older and just can't "compete" - and I don't want to! I don't desire to expend to effort anymore.
In the end, modeling is just not getting me anywhere towards my true life goals, and it's something I have been dreading recently. I may experience a slight "mourning period", because modeling has always boosted my (terribad) self-esteem, but on the other hand, I'd rather boost it in other ways, such as being a better mother, better lifemate, and doing more for others. There are also some small side ventures I'd like to have more time for.

The exceptions to this decision will be:

  • Special projects that I may stumble upon or be asked to do, depending on content.
  • If I lose employment, I may fall back on art modeling until I can get a steady income going again.
  • Completing any special projects that I have already committed to.
Again, this has been a difficult decision and a long time in the making. Feel free to give thoughts or feedback. I always like hearing what everyone has to say!

If you are interested in the "other projects" or special interests I would like to work on, here is a partial/starter list:
  • Becoming more involved with the HSA/PTA at my son's school and possibly helping with their projects.
  • Fitness and starting a walking club with family or my mom's church (although I am not religious).
  • Volunteering for cancer initiatives, Human Rights campaigns, and Animal Rights (among other things).
  • Starting a side business with family (strombolis, cookies, etc - more ideas developing).
  • Finally getting and riding a darn bike!

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