Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shout out for Shoplocal.com

Quick shout out to a site I had previously overlooked. Shoplocal.com allows you to put in your location and finds brick and mortar sales that are close to you.

I'm shopping for a razor scooter for my son (he has one at his grandmother's, but not at my place) and I had a ToysRUs gift card. I thought "well, let me go see, I'm sure they can't be more than $30", but alas, THEY ARE! Ridiculous - on Toysrus.com, they wanted $40 for a scooter PLUS SHIPPING!

I said "no way" to myself! I know my mom said she got his for around 20 bucks, so I went on a quest to find one way cheaper. So so so many sites have them for so so so many different prices. I'm not really interested in paying that much for it, so I was thinking "man, I wonder if there's a way to find local sales, because I don't keep the circulars for very long", so I typed "find sales" into google search. BING! Came up with the first site, shoplocal.com, which I have heard of before but I haven't really checked it out much.

I should be checking it out for more stuff from now on, because I found that the local Walmart has these scooters, same one I was going to buy online, for $19.97. Hello, WAY BETTER!

This is shared on Works for Me Wednesday at We Are THAT Family (you should visit that blog!)

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