Monday, May 18, 2009

The Value of Good Shampoo

This morning I realized that there really is value to good shampoo! It only took me years to get to this, but here I am.

I have been blaming my son for not washing his hair correctly, and he's been telling me that there's something wrong with the shampoo. I had washed my hair with that type of shampoo (White Rain, ugh) before and didn't have any problem, so I was telling him he was crazy and he just wasn't doing it right.

Boy do I owe him an apology!

I ran out of Pert Plus and had to use the White Rain. HE IS RIGHT! That stuff stinks! It would barely lather! I could not believe it.

From now on, I'm sticking to Pert Plus or Head and Shoulders. They're not extremely pricey, but they are both great and treat my hair way better than the crappy stuff.


  1. There's also value in good conditioner when used properly as well. Pop it in after you wash your face and shampoo your hair, leave it in while you wash your body and other things then rinse thoroughly. Your hair will love you!

  2. Yeah I generally don't use conditioner because it makes my face break out (super super sensitive and oily skin/hair), but I have been using a conditioner that isn't so bad for the past couple of days. We'll see where that goes!

  3. I am the same way! A Shampoo snob lol. Enjoyed reading your blog. Keep up the good work!